Friday, May 22, 2015

A new discovery in Kwai Hing at MX

Kwai Hing has finally got a decent eatery because there are not many good places to eat round here.

I used to curse my boss who ate the same dish in the same restaurant everyday that I went for another job elsewhere because there were more food options.

The style at MX is relaxed and you can take it easy while you eat, hence the slogan:

Octopus users have an advantage because you can order and pay on the self ordering machine which has English too!

After you have ordered, you are given a device which vibrates with red lights when the food is ready.

At some tables, they have USB chargers and there is also free wifi which you can use for a period of time.

There is self service hot and cold water.

After you finish the meal, they encourage you to return the trays and you are rewarded with sweets.

Anyway, here was the food I had.
Beef with cheese, black pepper rice teppanyaki:

The highlight of this is the CHEESE!~ See the cheese on top!!

After mixing it, it was nice and cheesy with delicious slices of beef in it and the black pepper adds more dimension to it.
For extra flavour, there is a side of sauce that you can add.
Curry beef in a pot with rice:

The curry comes in a cute metal pot and the curry was strong and spicy with big chunks of beef in it.

boneless Hainanese chicken:

As well as delicious chicken and sauces, I loved the mountain of thinly sliced julienne cabbage in a refreshing yuzu sauce.

chilled tomato with sesame sauce (add on option):

This is one of my favourite appetizers, tomato with sesame sauce that is not too sweet.
The tomato was sweet and juicy with thick sesame sauce.
Salad (add on option):

A good balance of greens to the meal with a side of salad and dressing.
green tea pudding with red beans (add on option):

The green tea pudding was creamy topped with starchy red beans on top.
sweetcorn pudding (add on option):

As well as the green tea pudding, the sweetcorn was also fun to eat because it had an interesting mix of flavours with bits of sweetcorn in it.
grape soda with aloe:

My friend tried this and said there were lots of aloe in it.
orange and passion fruit soda:

I had the orange and passion fruit soda which was a refreshing drink on a hot day with summery passionfruit.

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