Friday, May 15, 2015

Cheesecorn [Garrett Popcorn]

To be honest I am not fond of sweet popcorn because unflavoured popcorn is savory so I will only eat savory popcorn flavours.

Popcorn annoys me because I get a mouthful of popcorn husks.
Anyway, a while ago I saw that Garrett had this sour cream and chives flavour which I forgot to buy but that day they had cheesecorn which is also savory.

It was really good they let me try some and it was proper savoury with no sweetness.

The popcorn sells fast but they keep making fresh batches!

The cheese corn tasted like cheesy wotsits so I was really happy and the shape of the popcorn from Garett are like perfect spheres.

The paper bag is resealable which is really convenient.

Hopefully they will have sour cream and chives or something nice on my next visit!

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