Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy noodles at Delight Noodles

Found this neat and clean place for cart noodles.

The menu is clear and simple and you tick what you want.

Note: There is a minimum order of a noodle and two toppings per person.
Cart noodles:

The pork knuckles were a bit pale and could be tastier.
As for the shitaake mushrooms, they were huge and hard to pick up with chopsticks.
Signature noodles:

These noodles were amazing, each strand was distinct tossed in delicious sesame oil and secret sauce topped with fragrant dried sakura shrimps, sesame and spring onions.
It is a pity you have to order other toppings because it tastes perfect on its own and doesn't need other items.
Luckily the toppings are served separately so the sauce does not get mixed with the noodles.
Anyway, definitely coming back for this!
Delight noodles:
Shop 12, G/F, Bijou Apartments, 157 Prince Edward Road West, Prince Edward

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