Monday, May 18, 2015

Duck in brine at Ilis

The restaurant I wanted to go was not open so I was wandering around Austin Road and Hill Road but didn't discover anything interesting to eat.
There was the new Let's Jam place but I have already tried the Sai Kung branch.

Went here because the menu was rather weird, they had breakfasts, Japanese food and this salted duck which is not Japanese.

There were two dishes that were interesting, the salted duck and the marinated beef tendons.
I went for the salted duck.
Salted duck set:

The salted duck set cost $48 which is about right because the portion is not exactly big and it was bony pieces of duck.

It was quite nice because the duck was tasty but not salty and it tastes like duck that had been soaked in brine.
The rice was Japanese pearl rice which I don't like but it was ok and the soup was a mix of miso soup and Chinese soup with Chinese radish in it.

It was quite a nice meal but it wasn't very filling.
The bill: $48

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