Monday, May 25, 2015

Affordable dim sum at Winner Dimsum Workshop

Usually dim sum is eaten during the day but here it is served all day and the prices are very reasonable.

There are traditional choices and modern style dim sums available.
Some dim sums come in twos which makes it easier to share between two people and you can order other dim sums as well.

Here was what we had:
steamed prawn dumplings $16:

The prawns inside were springy and the dumpling skin was not too oily.
steamed rice rolls with pork floss:

The steamed rice rolls with sweet pork floss topping tastes nice but the doughstick in the middle was a little hard.
steamed pork dumpling with crab roe $14:

Another dim sum classic, huge pork dumplings loaded with silky minced pork and fragrant Chinese mushrooms topped with crab roe.
Pan fried radish cake in XO sauce:

In general, everyone who tried it said the XO sauce was very spicy.
Baked chicken tart $24:

A modern chicken tart which was liked by everyone because it had pieces of creamy chicken on a buttery crisp tart base.
Fruit salad with shrimp $24:

A nice dim sum for summer and kids to eat because the sweet fruit salad is served on a crispy base with a prawn on top.
Pan fried glutinous rice with egg $30:

This was chicken sandwiched in between two layers of glutinous rice coated in egg and pan fried resulting in a crispy and chewy texture with flavourful chicken in the middle.
Dessert platter $32:

Finished with a cute dessert platter of mango pudding, creme brulee, guava pudding and chocolate mousse.
My favourite was the chocolate mousse which had a strong chocolate taste with a velvety texture.

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