Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back for more vegetable tea at 心夜來潮

Tried this place in April and decided to go again because I liked the vegetable tea.

The menu has changed and looks nicer.

Vegetable tea:

Previously tried this and really liked it so this time I got the LARGE size.
I didn't realize it was that big! oops!

The vegetable tea here was really nice and wholesome with finely chopped snow peas, vegetables, Chinese sausages, puffed rice, peanuts, glass vermicelli and dried squid too.

I really enjoyed it because it reminded of me minestrone but in Chinese form but on this visit it was a little too salty.
Salted crab, urchin, oysters with rice:

All of the delights are really salty so you only need a tiny bit to go with rice.
The urchin had a creamy bitter taste which was quite nice but the piece of crab was too tiny to get anything out of it.
The oyster is also nice and the saltiness makes the oyster taste even stronger.
Beef balls:

I didn't try them but my friend said they were really springy.

They were chewy and very filling and the broth tastes the same as the vegetable tea above.

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