Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chaoshan delights at 粿煞好味

It just so happens that two Chaoshan eateries have opened around the same time and I was planning to go there for the vegetable tea.
I ended up going to this one first so it was my first experience having Chaoshan delights.

Here is the menu and what I tried.

Vegetable tea:

Previously tried a failed version at Tea academics which was sweet.
The vegetable tea here was really nice and wholesome with finely chopped snow peas, vegetables, Chinese sausages, puffed rice, peanuts and glass vermicelli.
I really enjoyed it because it reminded of me minestrone but in Chinese form!
Chaoshan ricerolls:

I have always wanted to try these because they look like umbilical cords.
There is a shop at Yuen Long that also serves these ricerolls.
I managed to try one at Fat Fat Snack in Sai Kung but it was plain compared to this one.
The one here was really tasty and silky with fried egg and delicious sauce and chopped vegetables on top.
Beef balls:

I am not a fan of beef but these were springy.
Little rice dumplings:

The rice dumplings were really good because the sweet potato skin that surrounded it was chewy and inside there was juicy minced pork.
It was complimented nicely by their home made chili sauce.
Layered pudding:

This savoury snack was interesting because it was layered and savory topped with dried shrimp and squid which gave it a nice salty flavour.
G/F, 41C Boundary Street, Prince Edward
2295 0959

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