Thursday, May 14, 2015

Free pineapple cakes [SunnyHills]

I discovered this place after dining at Cafe D'i.
Initially I thought it was a SunnyHills cafe because I saw people having tea there and eating pineapple cakes.

While I was taking photos of the front, a lady came out and asked me to go in and try the pineapple cake so I went in and sat down.
Within a flash, she bought me a tray which had a pineapple cake, tea and some leaflets about the pineapple cake.

The pineapple cake had a lovely buttery pastry filled with sweetened pineapple chunks in the middle and the size of these cakes are quite satisfying without making you too full.

When I left, I was given another box for free because it is for females hence I am showing my appreciation by sharing this experience.




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