Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stylish place on Chancery Lane! [Cafe d'i]

Saw this place listed on openrice so searched it on FB and saw really stylish photos of this place.

This place looks even better at night with the illuminated logo at the front.

Arrived at this place and the tables were really colourful.

They have skincare products for sale too.

Anyway, the menu was good, they had croissants, muesli and breakfast and the prices were quite a good deal for its location.

The muesli is evidently popular because everyone was ordering it.

I tried some and it was really good because there were lots of ingredients in it like raisins and there was some fresh fruit on top too.
all day breakfast:

The breakfast portion was a bit too much for me because it had four slices of toast, sliced ham, bacon, sausages, scrambled egg and baked beans.
The star of the breakfast was the scrambled egg because it was fluffy and tasty.
It is nice to see that they have engraved the logo on the cutlery and the metal tab on the table.


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