Friday, May 08, 2015

Spacious Japanese Seiro steaming [Kiwa Japanese Cuisine]

Kiwa is located in Sai Ying Pun near the Connaught Road exit of SYP MTR.

Went there for Japanese seiro which is food steamed in the seiro.
Kiwa is a very spacious restaurant hence the tables are big enough for their full sized seiros.

As well as Japanese fare, they have a good range of sakes with a pamphlet that shows all the sakes they serve.


Started off with the appetizers which were poached fluorescent squids and fish slices. Both were a good starter.
Then we had sashimi with 5 different types of fish including: threadfin, golden pike, fatty tuna, prawns
My favourites were the threadfin.

Next was the soup which gave me a surprise because they had sponge tofu and the tiniest cute clams which I have never seen before.

Then it was Hiroshima oysters cooked with konbu which had a strong taste of the sea.

After the soup and oyster, it was time for the seiro, the fish slices were put in first, and then the prawns and alaska crab legs.

The steaming helped keep the freshness so that the seafood was delicately cooked without losing its flavour.

Finished off with a grilled rice ball and inaiwan udon which was really filling.

For dessert they had icecream but I was too full to eat it.

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