Sunday, May 24, 2015

Foo Lum Fishman's Wharf Restaurant

Gathered with friends to have some seafood and Chinese dishes here.
On the menu, they have monthly specials and the Canadian lobster with noodles was on promotion for $88 (the normal price is $218).

Here was what we had:
Canadian lobster with e-fu noodles in cheese sauce

The portion was big with noodles covered in thick sauce topped with lobster pieces.
Each piece of lobster was succulent and the cheese sauce was creamy with a mild cheese flavouring.
Dalian abalone steamed with fruit peel $128

The abalone was springy and the fruit peel flavour made them appetizing.
Straw mushrooms, sea cucumber and prawn roe pot $88

There were lots of straw mushrooms compared to the sea cucumber in a rich gravy flavoured by the prawn roes.
Steamed razor clams $196

The clams were springy with a strong garlic taste and the glass vermicelli was really tasty because it has absorbed all the flavouring from the clams and flavourings.
Steamed scallops $176

The scallops were steamed the same way as the razor clams topped with garlic and glass vermicelli.
Personally I liked the scallops more because it has a sweeter taste and softer texture,
Clams in salt and pepper broth $88

The clams were plump and juicy and the broth had a lovely peppery taste.
Roasted pigeon

This was a classic, there was soft pigeon meat beneath the crispy skin.
Wintermelon soup

Finished the meal with this nourishing wintermelon soup.
It was decorated with seafood with a huge chunk of wintermelon that is mushy and healthy to eat.

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