Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Healthy craving at Tallore

Went back to Tallore again for dinner because I had a big hunger craving.

This time I had the chili con carne with rice, hummous with some baguette slices.
chili con carne:

The chili con carne at this place is not spicy but they have spices for you to add.

It was rich with lots of lean minced beef and diced carrots.

When you eat it, you can tell the beef is good because it doesn’t give you chewing troubles because low grade beef has these chewy fatty elastic bits!!
Normally they give you mixed grain rice but I asked for the salad rice.
hummous with baguette slices:

Compared to other hummous the colour is slightly green and the lemon taste isn’t strong but it was wonderful with bread.
As a tea lover, I am tempted to try these teas because the design is nice and at the back the plastic is clear so you can see inside.


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