Thursday, May 28, 2015

Singaporean in the East side of HK

This place serves Singaporean food hence it is called Pandan something in Chinese.
Went here for lunch but there was only one Singaporean dish on the menu.

It is so sad that non-Cantonese restaurants have to serve a majority of Cantonese dishes during lunch to get more customers because the locals are just too conservative on their food choices.

On the wall were some interesting dishes because the combination of ingredients were weird but this place has some hard core fans who have opened an account just to express their opinions on this place.

Tomato and mountain yam with vegetarian abalone
Lemon and pepper pork
Singaporean oyster omelette
Coconut sugar and black vinegar fish

Anyway, tried the Singaporean chicken, which was ok but not outstanding and tried this other localized dish which was chicken with pumpkin and okra.
The chicken dish was a bit too oily and sweet but tasted ok however I didn’t like the chicken because it had chicken skin attached to it.

Finished off with the pandan barley drink, which was quite soothing and not too sweet.

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