Friday, May 29, 2015

Thai night at Sun Thai Restaurant

There are lots of choices in Wan Chai but went here because a friend worked nearby.

Here was what we had:
Pineapple smoothie:

A bit too sweet.
Sambal okra:

Normally dishes cooked with sambal are very spicy but the sambal here was not very spicy so I liked it and the cherry tomatoes gave it a strong tomato taste in the sauce.
Stir fried young pea shoots:

The pea shoots were crisp and tender in a light sweet garlic gravy.
Fish gas bladder soup:

This was a warming thick soup loaded with fish gas bladder slices, chicken and shitaake mushrooms.
Sweet dessert:

To be honest, it looked like sushi.

It was a piece of sweet egg on top of fragrant pandan flavoured glutinous rice that was not too sweet.


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