Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Changed my mind at With Your Mind

From the reviews, it appears that the style of food has changed from Chinese to Singaporean and Malaysian.
As expected, the queue is long at lunch because the ratio of restaurants to people is wrong at Quarry Bay and Tai Koo that ANY restaurant at ANY price range will have customers waiting outside to be seated.
With this situation, restaurants in the area can up their prices and quality does not have to be good and the average meal costs around $7X which is almost higher than the sub par food in Central/Sheung Wan.

Tried two noodles and a rice which comes with pear tea.

Pear tea:

The pear tea was sweet with a light pear taste.
Hainan Chicken:

This was t he best because the chicken was actually tasty and the rice was flavoured without the need for any sauces.

The chicken soup was interesting because it tasted creamy.
Laksa with squid ink squid balls:

The laksa broth was bit weak and the choices for Laksa were a bit basic such as fishballs, chicken etc

Malaysian chow kayteow:

The noodles had a strong sweet soy sauce flavour and it was also spicy because of the sambal sauce

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