Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tai O's yummy chinese crepes n da BEST CHIPS in HK @ 大澳小食

At Tai O village there are two popular snacks that were a “must try” for me, the Chinese pizza and Husband roti.

The Chinese pizza was a savoury crepe, a bit like the spring onion pancakes founds in Chinese restaurants.
Apart from Chinese crepes, they also had fried snacks such as fried golden prawns and chips.
The Chinese crepe was made with a few basic ingredients: crepe mixture, egg, spring onions, coriander, sesame and coconut, pickled vegetables (choy po), savoury biscuit cracker and seasoning.

The Chinese crepe was made in a few simple steps:

1) The pancake mixture was spread on the pan and heated till the pancake was formed.
2) An egg was cracked on top of the crepe and spread all over the pancake.
3) When the egg was half cooked the spring onions, coriander, pickled vegetables, sesame and coconut were sprinkled on so that they adhered to the half cooked egg while being heated.
4) A thin piece of savoury cracker was broken into smaller pieces and placed on top, special sauce was then added to the crepe.
5) The pancake was rolled into a roll shape and cut into desired portions and served.

Whilst I was waiting for the crepe, the owner kindly fried a prawn for me to try.
The golden prawns were fried with their heads, tails and shells and the whole thing was edible.
The golden prawns cost $30 per skewer and there were about 15 prawns per skewer; on the menu, the price varies according to different seasons.

Golden Prawns:
These prawns were already deep fried, but re-fried again.
The shells were crispy, yet the prawn was will juicy. The shells were coated with some flour hence the uniform golden coating.

Chinese Crepe:
This was a nice savoury Chinese pancake which was full of flavour emerging from the spring onions and coriander, and interestingly I could taste and smell cumin too which was probably mixed with the coriander.
Begonia fimbristipula drink:
To finish off, got this drink which looked like berry tea, it contained Begonia fimbristipula.
Begonia fimbristipula is meant to be a flower, in chinese 紫背天葵.
I was expecting it to taste like Rose but it tasted like Ribena, the sweetness was just right and the Begonia taste wasnt that strong.
Not sure if the Begonia fimbristipula is a local product from Tai O, but the dried version was sold nearly everywhere in Tai O.
Wild herb tea:
Not sure what herb this was, but there was a gingery spicy aftertaste with sweetness.
Before ordering, I just knew they were going to taste good, and they were brilliant.
They looked like thick cut chips but they were not uniform, and the edges were not smooth which indicated they were hand cut by themselves.
The chip was super crunchy on the outside and like liquid in the centre.
The best thing was, they tasted good, WITH/WITHOUT sauce!
It would have been great if there was malt vinegar too!
These chips are as good as the ones at New York Fries, but thicker cut, and the outside is crispy.

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