Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Astonished by the Turkish bomb @ Mado 雪糕咖啡店

Came all the way to Megabox for ice-cream, and ordered the ice-cream slices and the Turkish bomb to try.
Luckily there were vacant tables, however nobody cleared the tables, even after we ordered and sat down with the ice-cream. madSo had to clear it ourselves.

Despite that, I really liked the chairs and table, cute and elegant, cool blue in colour, and the logo was also classy in gold. My first impressions of Mado, was Italian rather than Turkish, and the style is so different to other Turkish things in town.

Back to the ice-cream, I really liked it, not sweet at all, and a strong milky taste with chewy texture. With other ice-creams, after a few spoons you would be left feeling with a numb mouth and freezing body, but I didn’t feel cold after eating it, and I could still taste each and element in the ice-cream.

The ice-cream slices were slightly sweeter than the scoops, probably because only sauces were added, so it needed to be sweeter or else it would be rather plain. I tried the original one and the almond one, both were chewy in texture, and the almond one had fine crunchy almonds in it like crunchy sugar.

Then came the Turkish bomb my favourite, plain ice-cream mixed with pistachios, apricots, and coconut. A creamy full bodied ice-cream just at the right sweetness. It takes a few seconds to get used to, the gooey texture, and the difficulties in trying to spoon it out. The Turkish bomb reminded me of the nougat, chewy but cold, full of ice-cream, and lots of texture, real coconut shreds, and the delicate apricot and pistachio.

The ice-cream owes it texture to the main ingredient “Mastic” a resin cultivated from Mastic trees in Greece.

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