Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mee Siam @ Katong

Ordered the Traditional Mee Siam, the Beef Rendang and cold Barley water.

Beef Rendang:
Beef lumps in coconut milk, hmm I didnt really like it, I found it very smelly, a gone off milky smell. The rice was rather overboiled too.

Mee Siam:
OOOOh I really love this dish!! Thin rice vermicelli was used, and it was mixed in some sort of spices, anyway the soup base with really refreshing, and zingy, slighty sour and strong in spicy scent. The prawn, tasted very fresh too, and had orange stuff in its head.

Barley water:
first time drinking cold barley water, not bad! i asked for less sugar, so it seemed ok.

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