Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Durian Paratha @ Ali Baba Curry House

I rarely order Parathas because the ones I have tried before were oily and spicy.
However this place offers Durian which is not bad for a dessert.
It tastes like a chewy Indian crepe!
The paratha was filled with Durian puree which was evenly distributed and it was not too sweet.
For Durian lovers I felt that the taste of Durian was weak, but for people who cannot stand Durian it may be strong for them!
I was quite impressed with the paratha because my fingers were not oily after eating it.
It would be fun and delicious if they could make a chocolate paratha or caramel paratha.
Anyway, I think I will get a plain one next time and put some sweet sauce on it and write an update!
How the Durian Paratha was made:
Durian puree is put on the paratha
The paratha is folded in square
The paratha is heated until it is ready to eat
Finished product

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