Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Italian Tomato in Wan Chai

Decided to dine at the Italian Tomato because it was new in Wan Chai.
Made the mistake of ordering the sets because the range was limited and not as good as the A la Carte items.
I should have ordered the free choice dinner set which has more choice!
The A la Carte range is cheaper and better but does not include drinks such as Coffee or Tea.

To order you have to order at the counter and then the food is brought over to you.

Ordered the spaghetti with ham and broccoli in cream sauce which comes with soup and a coffee and added $25 for an extra piece of cake.

The choice of soup was fixed and it was pumpkin that day.

Pumpkin soup
Tasted ok but the bun was just the local chinese sweet bread.
spaghetti with ham and broccoli in cream sauce
The cream sauce was foul, it was not cream but tasted like milk.
The sauce was so thin that it just sunk to the bottom and the pasta and sauce were seperate identities.
chocolate berries cake
The cake was ok and I liked the strawberry powder on top of the cream which gave it some sourness and the chocolate was not overly sweet.

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