Sunday, April 08, 2012

Shanghai dumplings @ 上海真美豆漿大王

Soymilk with dumplings:
Same as before, I love this dessert however they are not consistent, sometimes the dumplings are too soft and sometimes they are just right.
Fried luncheon meat, egg and rice:
This was simple but nice, alot of places in Hong Kong just serve luncheon meat, egg with rice, but here you get preserved vegetables with it.
Shanghai dumplings:
The skin was rather thick but it was filled with meat juice inside after it was steamed.
The vinegar looked authentic with the sliced ginger in it.
Beef in five spices with rice:
The beef was quite nice and not too salty.
Glutinous rice with pork floss and pickled veg filling:
NO PHOTO, but I found the rice too dry and the filling too sweet.

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