Tuesday, April 03, 2012

茶古力 cha.ke.li by ye Shanghai

I like tea, british tea, and chinese tea, so when I saw FoodieWil's post of chocolate with different tea fillings inside I had to give it a try. My first encounter of chocolate and tea was Lipton's chocolate tea, which tastes quite nice.

I picked seven flavours out of the nine. All uniquely decorated, however they were not marked indicating its flavour. I would hope that in the future they would have leaflets with the flavours and pictures for the people with less sensitive taste buds.
Also it would help people to identify the flavours if it was given as a gift.

I tried the delicate light flavours to begin with such as Jasine, Iron Buddha and progressed with Oolong being the last. Each were distinctively different, the chocolate breaking down in the mouth and oozing with tea flavour. I liked the fact that the delicate tea flavours were paired with the gentler chocolates, and the strong teas were matched with the bitter chocolates just like FoodieWil mentioned.
I dont like Pu'er, due to its earthy/mud taste however with chocolate it takes that taste away which makes it very delectable. I did not pick NISHIOCHA as I am not a fan of white chocolate or Matcha, also I think the creaminess of the white chocolate would cover the matcha. But anyway my favourite flavours were FLOWERPASSION, DARKSPICE, and DARKEMBRANCE which I never thought I was going to like.

Packaging wise, could be improved, a box should be provided for free, as Hong Kong is a very hot place and the gourmet chocolates will have stuck together by the time you've gone home. My order was fairly big, and picking chocolates out of a bag takes the fun out of it, I like to have that indulgence factor of opening the box and being indecisive of which chocolate to pick.

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