Thursday, April 19, 2012

Egg tarts with a disposable spoon @ Yamazaki Bakery

Got four egg tarts from Yamazaki, there was a choice of the normal egg tarts or egg tarts made with egg whites and milk.
So got two of each. The appearance of these egg tarts are sligthly different from the usual egg tarts, they are taller and deeper.
They look the same as the ones sold at TIT*F. All the egg tarts here are supplied with a disposable spoon. ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ Egg Tarts:
The egg tart filling was firmer than the usual Chinese egg tarts and the crust was hard and also very sweet.
ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ Egg Tarts made with Egg white and milk:
The filling was not as yellow as the egg tart because it was made with egg white and milk, the taste was much milkier and not so sweet.
Overall I preferred the taste of this one.
For both egg tarts, the base was very thick and almost made up for a third of the egg tart height.
It was really good that the egg tarts were protected with a paper cup.

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