Tuesday, April 10, 2012

KFC's Spudastic tomato flavoured Potato party

I love potatoes so i just had to try this, however the KFC in Hong Kong is not as good as the KFC in UK.

In UK, we have fries/chips and not the Criss-cut Fries that come as a standard in Hong Kong, and they also have chicken gravy as an option for chips.

Anyway, since the Potato party 反斗薯 was slightly different I decided to try it.
They are hash browns in the shape of discs and stars which are bite sized.
I was disappointed they also had the criss-cut fries with them because the star of the snack is really the hashbrowns.
I can understand they are trying to give you more variety because it is called potato party, but I dislike these criss-cut fries.
When you open the box there is a tomato scent and the tomato flavouring is sweet and artificial.
If you have tried the Walker's tomato crisps you can actually taste ketchup, but the tomato flavour on these hash browns tastes neither like tomato or ketchup.
The taste is very sweet and not sour at all, it tastes of paprika and carotene flavouring.

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