Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Scrambled eggs and fried vietnamese sausage @ 越旺 pho' 26

I ordered the set which consists of instant noodles with beef, scrambled eggs and fried vietnamese sausage.

The noodles came first, and I started to eat the noodles before it got too soft, it was just right, and fully flavoured by its soup.
As a westerner, I found the metal chopsticks rather useless as the noodles kept slipping.

Anyway the soup base was very potently strong of herbs, basil leaves, onions etc, but you could also taste the beef broth too.

Then the side dish of scrambled eggs and vietnamese sausage came, the scrambled eggs tasted Ok, and this was my first time trying fried vietnamese sausage, which was ok taste wise.

I would really like to try their breakfast, the white mushrooms and instant noodles.

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