Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Black noodles discontinued @ 飴軒粉麵甜品

After taking a stash of menus from Landale street, this one attracted me the most to try due to its ancient chinese layout. The rest of the menus were just put together without thought.
When I started reading the menu, it made itself standout even more, as descriptive words were used on the food, and the items on the menu are not usually offered in other places.

Their speciality is desserts and noodles, and I was drawn to the high fibre black wheat noodles, and the buckwheat noodles. I wanted to try the black noodles the most, as this distinguishes it the most from other noodle shops, the range and variety.

On arrival, I ordered black noodles, but was told, it was discontinued, so I was very disappointed, so then I chose my second choice of buckwheat, but they hadn’t got it in stock either, so double disappointment. So I just ordered a Laksa, as the other noodles dishes would not be satisfying to me with the ordinary noodles.

The Laksa at $38 dollars had many toppings, lots of tofu, chicken, sliced fish balls, and sliced fish ball corners. The spicyness of it was hot hot hot, hotter than any of the other places I had tried so far.

Anyway I wanted to order the Taro pudding, but they only had mango today, so triple disappointment.
I think this shop has potential, but the lack of availability from the items on the menu makes this place not so special after all.

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