Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Happy restaurant and happy food @ 開心餐廳

So glad this place is finally listed, because the food is good.

I walked past and saw some people eating rice with fried egg and gravy,
lots of gravy too, so I sat down to try that dish.

They offer many combinations: egg and frankfurter sausage, sausage and chicken, beef steak and egg, served with gravy, black pepper gravy or sweetcorn sauce.
I have tried all the sauces, and think the original gravy is the best, although I think there is too much colouring in the gravy. I got some of the gravy on my thumb, and it stained it, hence u can imagine the colour of my intestines.
But anyway the egg is done just right, and you can eat the liquid yoke with the rice.

Reasonably prices around $2x, and a drink is included.

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