Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Prawn noodles @ 蝦麵店 Prawn noodle shop

Before I tried this, I compared their menu against Katong, prices here a cheaper than Katong. However they are relatively cheaper because of their ingredients, ie seafood, Prawn noodle shop offers mussels, crabsticks, fish balls which are frozen goods and readily available.
Katong is more expensive as it contains big prawns, and cockles, where they need to be sourced.

The most expensive prawn mee offered by Katong is 70 dollars while Prawn noodle shop costs 43 dollars.

Anyway, walking in the shop, there is a strong prawn smell, which is reassuring, as the Prawn noodle is their speciality. I ordered the Prawn noodles, which I was told was spicy by the staff. However it was not that spicy, just like the other reviewers said, so I would recommend this place for people who can't have it that spicy.
The soup base is strong in prawn, and not so sweet as the other places, and it dosnt have black peppar taste either.

Noodle wise, they have the basics, cambodian noodles, vermicelli, and oil noodles. But I don't like the vermicelli here, as it is thicker than the ones in Katong, and sweeter.

For the main ingredients, the pork was good, not too dry and had flavour to it, prawn wise, a little less in quantity than Katong, in Katong, one prawn is sliced into two pieces, however here, the prawn is sliced into four pieces.

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