Friday, April 06, 2012

Malaysian Ipoh delights @ Wan Chai

Quite interesting, before Ipoh opened, there were two restaurants before it, the First was a Singaporean restaurant Pasar, then it was some Vietnamese restaurant and now it is Malaysian.

Although it opened recently, there are many regulars at this restaruant, and their customer service is extremely brilliant.
There was an elderly dining there, and the waitress was very attenative and helped her separate the chicken from the bone into smaller pieces and removing the chicken skin.

Anyway ordered some noodles, buk kut teh, chicken with rice and a lemon and barley drink.

Buk Kut Teh:
The broth was not peppery but I found it quite salty
Chicken with rice:
The rice was really nice and not oily.
The chicken was moist and tender.
Hak-ga style noodles
I found the noodles quite chewy and not soft at all, but overall it tasted quite nice. Although the noodles had a strong taste, the soup that came with it tasted saltier than the noodles.
The sauce was really refreshing and it tastes like the chili sauce in some thai restaurants.
Lemon and Barley drink:
The sweetness of this drink was just right and it was slightly viscous.
The lemon and barley itselft could both be tasted.

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