Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Heavy dessert afternoon @ BerryGood

I had a photo shoot in Kwai Hing, so I thought I’d try Best Berry after trying Berrygood last time.
Before going, I had an expectation the yoghurt would be similar to BerryGood.

When I got there, the choice of toppings was less than Berry good, but there were more cake and some lunch sets.
In busy Kwai Hing, this café on the isolated corner of the mall is a good place to chat or sit for a while.
However the tables are not big enough, a lot of people were combining tables to make the table space bigger for all the desserts and cakes.

We ordered 3 sets:
Set 1: cheesecake and coffee.
Set 2: Original yoghurt cake, Yoghurt with blueberry sauce, and Yoghurt shake (berry flavour)
Set 3: Strawberry yoghurt cake, Yoghurt with a choice of three toppings, and coffee.

The cheesecake is just an ordinary cheesecake, but the original yoghurt cake was good, a big piece square cake, a thin layer of yoghurt cream on top of the cake, if there was more yoghurt cream in proportion to cake it would taste better, as the cake was too sweet.
As for the strawberry yoghurt cake, it tasted ok, enough yoghurt in proportion to the cake, but the size was smaller compared to the original one. The yoghurt is slightly too sweet.

The drinks were a bit sweet, and I think the set was a bit too heavy, too sickly.
Overall I think I prefer Berry Good, a much lighter option.

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