Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Halloumi cheese, Warm brie and Tapas @ Sauce

Grilled Halloumi cheese
Havent tried Halloumi cheese so ordered the grilled Halloumi.
The appearance was dark brown and it looked it was fried and not grilled.
Anyway the texture of the cheese was rubbery and dry and it made a squeaky noise while it was in my mouth when it rubbed against my teeth.
Although halloumi cheese is meant to be salty, the halloumi cheese served at this place was extremely salty.
Warm brie
This was heaven, the cheese was lovely, gooey and soft.
There was roasted garlic to accompany it as well and the garlic was soft and mushy and came out of the pod easily with a fork.
Other tapas that were ordered:

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