Friday, April 06, 2012

Banana puff with a surprise @ Euro Go Go

Wanted to try the banana puff so went in for it.
It was tea time so had to get the tea set but the tea that came with it was Hong Kong style milk tea which I do not drink.
Anyway, the banana puff arrived and it smelt quite buttery.
I sliced it to take a cross sectional picture of it and when I was looking at it on my Camera, I realised there ws a piece of hair in it.
What the hell is wrong with Chinese hygiene???
After I starting this blog, I found 99% of the food with bad hygience was Chinese or chinese related!!
close up and cropped from picture above
close up and cropped from picture above
Anyway, the taste was too sweet and I did not bother eating it because the hair had put me off

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