Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lunch @ Xperience

Ordered a set-lunch and a Main dish.
The set-lunch ordered was the two-course lunch with pizza, there is a pizza selection that can be selected from the main menu. So ordered the Italian ham and tomato.
Also ordered a non-set dish: Wanchai bangers (English pork sausage, mash and cranberry sauce).

After waiting for 20 minutes, the salad came, a very basic medley of vegetables and vinaigrette dressing. Then came the drinks.

Then after 10 minutes, the food finally came, the pizza was huge, enough for two people, and personally I think it would be boring to eat for one person.
The Wanchai bangers was impressive, three pork sausages and some veg served on a bed of mashed potato. The best mash I have had so far, it contained mustard seeds in it. The cranberry sauce complimented the rest well too.
As for the pizza, it was a nice thin base, topped with thinly sliced Italian ham and tomato.

We were too full to order the ice cream, which would have made it 3-course, however we saw another table having the ice cream, a big glass with scoops of ice cream, presented nicely too.

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