Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Pomegranite yogurt @ Berrygood

After eating Pierce chicken, I was on my way leaving Central. As I was walking down Graham road, I spotted this white shop, there were people in it eating desserts, so I looked further into the menu, and it was yoghurt.

Anyway I went in and was greeted by an Indian girl. On the menu there was either Original yoghurt or Pomegranite yoghurt, if it had of been another flavour I would have picked original, however Pomegranite is rather special, so I chose that one.
I think the menu layout could be improved, because it just looks like there is only one choice "Original yoghurt pomegranite swirls".
But anyway its quite good they have a different flavour everyday.

For each of the sizes u get a topping, for the small size, you get one topping, and more choices for the larger sizes.
The toppings can be seen at the counter, ranging from fruit, candies (such as jelly babies), healthy stuff such as cornflakes, granola.
Anyway I chose Granola.

Finally sat down, the yoghurt was nice and cooling, slightly icy blended texture. You can taste the pomegranite, yet still taste the yoghurt, and I like the gentle pink colour of the yoghurt. Not too sweet, just right.
So if i have Pierce chicken again, I will come here afterwards.

As for the place it self, nice and white with high ceilings which I havent see before in ages in HK.

They have a website too!

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