Saturday, April 07, 2012

McCafe: Cookies and cream cheesecake

The Cookies and cream cheesecake immediately stood out from the cake selection.

It is different from the usual cheesecakes because half of the base is cake and the above is cookies and cream cheesecake filling.
Usually there is more proportion of the cheesecake filling and the bottom is just a biscuit base tart.

I rarely eat cheesecakes because I find them quite heavy and I do not like the biscuit base.

Cookies and cream cheesecake
The cake looked visually nice, there was a distinct dark brown cake base in contrast to the light yellow cheesecake filling on top embedded with oreo cookies and topped with big white chocolate drops and oreo pieces.
The cheesecake filling at the top was amazingly light, it was similar to thick mousse and the oreo cookie pieces in it were nice and soft as well.
It was a good match with the chocolate cake base at the bottom which was not too sweet, but the cake base was a little too dry and hard.
Although there was oreo pieces in it, there was still a lemon taste in the cheesecake filling!

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