Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hot dogs @ 豬事狗 Juicy Dog

Spotted this shop a while ago, at least 2 months I believe, but never open while I was in Sai Kung.

Finally when I went it on a week day lunch time, it was open, so I tried the hot dog with meat sauce, and changed the sausage to the pork and herbs one. Maybe next time I should try the plain one.

A bit messy to eat, as the sausage was a bit too big for the bun, and so much sauce. It was wrapped up nicely though. I prefer the hot dogs in Tsuen Wan.
They also do other dishes like pasta, which I saw being served and the cheese on top of it, is just sliced cheese slices not the real cheese.

Although there is one thing I really must try next time which is their Dr Peppers Soda’s, the Cel-Ray one (celery flavoured soda).

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