Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Blueberry smoothie and spanish twirls @ Juice bar

Originally wanted to order the strawberry smoothie, but since it was sold out, I tried the blueberry one given by the staff. I found it very syrupy so I ordered one without any sugar at all. But for $20 it can be an option as a thirst quencher.

The smoothie is rather thin in consistency compared with the normal ones. Not as thick as it should be. Without the sugar, the yoghurt can be tasted. The colour of the smoothie was quite purple as real blueberries were put in, however they are frozen ones.

I was also given a box of spanish twirls (churros sprinkled with icing sugar. I didnt like it very much, but then i didnt like it when i was given some to try along while ago.
Firstly it was too sweet, and secondly, u can taste that the oil hasnt been changed and they were so rancid..

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