Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Vietnamese sausage and prawn salad @ 山地人越南法包專門店 MR. Vietnamese Baguette House

Arrived at this baguette house, previously Toppings, was amazed how it had been redecorated.
It looks very green like a health shop, with pretty displays, and cute little bottles of their own branded fish sauce (not for retail).

Anyway ordered the Vietnamese sausage and prawn salad, and the baguette with abalone mushrooms to takeaway.
After a long journey home of bumps and humps, I was very surprised the baguette was still intact and the fillings had not fallen out.
For the salad, I was given three tubs of chilli vinegar, frankly two is sufficient.

Now to the food, the baguette was bursting with different tastes with every mouthful,
sometimes I could taste the black pepper, coriander, spring onion, then the meaty mushrooms, and then the sausage. However I couldnt taste the duck liver pate, the thing I was most looking forward to. Maybe I will order the liver toast next time.

As for the salad, the cabbage and carrots were sliced nice and thin, soaking up the sauce well, however the Jelly fish was cut in little squares. I would have preferred shredded jelly fish, which was be easier to fork out with the greens. Surprisingly I could taste some liver in the salad. I have the same opinion as FoodieWil that the salad tastes a little too sweet for my liking.

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