Saturday, April 07, 2012

Deer tendons and sea cucumber congee @ Red More

The Causeway Bay branch is much bigger and there are more items to choose from.

The staff there wear clear plastic hygiene face shields, the same as the ones the staff wore at FAIRWOOD in WanChai.
I finally got to try deer tendons because the TST branch is more expensive and here you can get them in smaller portions.
As well as deer tendons they had other food such as abalone congee and noodles with sea cucumber.
Although I have been here twice, there are still many items I want to try.
I really like the way they have taken ordinary Chinese snacks such as fishballs and noodles and poshed it up with Chinese delicacies.
The good thing about this joint is that I can order these luxuries any time, any day myself without needing need to go to Chinese restaurants with a group of people for it.

Fish balls in truffle sauce
These were ordinary fishballs in truffle sauce however the there was no truffle taste.

Deer Tendons and Fish Maw
Both were soft and gelatinous.
The deer tendons tasted really nice and the fish maw were really soft as well.
I prefer this branch because they have a big stew of it which has been heated all day keeping it soft, whereas the TST branch they are heated up when ordered so they may not be that soft.
Congee with sea cucumber and black moss
This was really nice and there was lots of black moss and sea cucumber but the congee was slightly bland, but since I had lots of sauce from the deer tendons I mixed the congee with that and it tasted really nice.
Fuscilli with tomato and Fish maw
As well as fish maw and tomato sauce there was also kidney beans.
The tomato sauce was slightly too sweet for my liking and the fish maw was a new experience with tomato flavouring.
Noodles with sea cucumber
I was looking forward to this but the noodles were too dry and salty, and the sea cucumber was a bit chewy.

Cordyceps militaris ice-cream
Compared to the TST branch, there were more ice-cream flavours here.
I tried the cordyceps flavour which was really nice, it was a bit like ice-cream with truffle and it tasted slightly savoury.
Before I tried it the staff said there is a strong herb taste for this flavour which people may not like.
The Chinese name was quite interesting because it is usually called 冬蟲草 but this one is called 北蟲草.
It would be brilliant if they had more items in the future such as ducks feet in abalone sauce, har gau with truffle, siu mai with abalone, porks trotter in vinegar and ginger sauce, braised grapefruit skin.
But anyway so far so good!
I will be back to try the thick soup with fish maw and the fish maw congee.

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