Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Great chicken @ Pierce chicken

OMG, such a walk to get here, stairs and stairs... going up and up...

On the way, I saw Lemon exchange, I really wanted to eat there too.
I just went in and took a menu, I was given a sample of mango lassi and a potato wedge, anyway will go there next time.

Back to Pierce chicken! Finally reached the destination, too tired and out of breathe, so I walked around Staunton road for a while to get my energy back.

Finally went in and there were so many choices, so I ordered the Wing dings and chicken fries, which were cooked in their Auto fry machine, under strict time settings.

The chicken fries were good, not greasy at all, the wingdings were slightly too crunchy, but tasted ok.
Wanted to try other stuff as well. I like the variety, not just chicken, but nuggets, chicken hoops, fries etc. The additional sauces that you can buy adds to its American settings, you feel like ur in America.

After finishing my chicken, I enquired about their branches, and it was confirmed they have one in Citysuper in TST. Another few branches should be appearing soon, the one is Landmark is almosted confirmed for July.
Another one for either Causeway bay or 360, but this is one of their plans which they hope to open by December this year.

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