Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Juicy J's delicious Japanese inspired hot dogs

When I entered Juicy J's I saw someone eating a hotdog and the hotdog bun was different from the previous reviews and the product shot.
The product shot shows those standard hotdog buns that are commonly used for hotdogs so I assumed the person eating there ordered a different bun.
The bun that I saw was a dusted bun.

Although I am not a fan of Chinese style Japanese foods, their ingredients used in their Japanese style hotdogs attracted me.

I set my eyes on the Olopon Dog because it has grated radish, spring onions and Yuzu ponzu dressing so I ordered that and a peaches and cream smoothie.
I just had to pick the Olopon because I havent come across any hot dog place that uses yuzu dressing on it with grated radish topping.
There were other hotdogs to choose from but the sauce on it was Japanese mayonnaise, which can be found at other hotdog places and the Teriyaki sauce as well.
For the sausage you can choose honey, black pepper or original. I chose the original because I didn’t want the honey/black pepper to overpower the sauce and filling.
While I was waiting for my food I saw an array of amazing sauces on the bar table!!!
From Jelly Belly breakfast syrups to Taco Bell's spicy ranchero sauce!
The drink arrived first and I was really impressed that they supplied Knives and Forks, which was very thoughtful of them because eating hot dogs can get messy.
Next came the hotdog, which impressed me even more because it looked better than the product shot, the amount of spring onions was generous and more than shown on the product shot!
But perhaps there were fewer spring onions on the product shot so that the grated radish could be seen on the picture.
The bun that was served was the dusted one and personally I think that bun really matches the hotdogs served there.
On top of the hotdog there was generous amounts of grated radish and finely chopped spring onions.
The hotdog reminded me of Agedashi tofu which also has radish and spring onions.
Anyway the taste was amazing and it did not feel dry because the grated radish and yuzu sauce complimented it perfectly along with the spring onions.
The yuzu sauce was authentic and refreshing as well and not the Chinesey style Japanese ones that taste sweet.
The sausage was nice and soft and not too crispy.

I rarely finish hotdogs because it is too oily or heavy but this one was just appetizing and I could have eaten two.
My hotdog was so good it didn’t need other sauces but with all those sauces there I just had to try them because they are rare to come across.
Lemon pepper marinade:
It was so lovely and tangy with a strong lemon taste and hint of pepper.
As this is a marinade the taste was very strong because you are supposed to use it as a marinade and not eat it like that.
Jelly belly breakfast syrups - cherry:
I only tried the cherry and found it sweet with a heavy cherry flavouring.
Taco Bell:
Unfortunately there isn’t a TACO BELL branch in Hong Kong but the sauce was thick and strong.
Trappey’s spicy hot:
This just tasted like watery chili sauce.
As for the drink it was not as creamy as I expected and the artificial taste of the peach syrup was strong and too sweet.
I thought it was going to be blended fresh/canned peaches with real cream/yoghurt/ice cream and bananas.
The interior of this joint was hip and vibrant with design especially the walls.

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