Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tempura Whopper series @ Burger King

When I saw the poster for this, it just reminded me of Freshness burger and MOS because the tempura was so Japanese.

Anyway there are three options: Tempura Whopper 和風天婦羅華堡, Tempura Whopper Junior and Veggie Tempura whopper.

Tried the Tempura Whopper Junior and the Veggie Tempura whopper but since I do not like beef the Veggie Tempura Whopper tastes better.

Veggie Tempura whopper
This is same as the beef tempura whopper except that there is no beef and there is a slice of processed cheese in it.
I ate the tomato first because I do not like tomatoes in my burgers.
Anyway, it was really good because they put endive lettuce and not the usual iceburg lettuce.
The endive lettuce is not as juicy as the iceburg lettuce so the tempura can still be tasted and the sauce that was put in the burger matched it well because it was not too sweet.
Tempura Whopper Junior
As the taste of the beef was quite strong, the taste of the tempura couldnt be tasted so it was just like eating their usual burgers with some crunch in it.

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