Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Millions of choices for hotdogs @ 熱狗の家 Hot Dog Family

I have eaten here so many times now, I love their hotdogs and the different toppings you can get.
I usually have Neuremburg sausage instead of the frankfurter, basically its a thin pork sausage similar to the breakfast one.
The owners are very nice, and if you spend over $40 you get a mini charm, if you collect a certain amount of them, you can exchange for a bear. I think there is an extra helper who is a bit annoying, shes like a commander, rushing people to make decisions and sometimes likes to make them in behalf of others.
I think we all know who...if we've met her!!
Anyway back to the food:
Japanese dog:
Ingredients: Bun, sausage, teriaki sauce, seven taste powder, seaweed shreds, black and white sesame, and japanese mayo.
Taste: Very delicious and rich in sauces, so many flavours in one go.
Italian dog:
Ingredients: Bun, sausage, olive oil, herbs, tomato ketchup, cheese, mustard sauce, garlic.
Taste: Tastes a bit like garlic bread since its toasted with garlic butter, I think it would taste better without the mustard, but not bad.
The final two, I cant remember which is which, the cottage dog and the farmhouse dog.
One had egg and mayonnaise, and the other was salad and avocado.
Both delicious.
There are others I want to try, such as the one with lobster meat, and the curry one, but not available on the weekends.
BUT I WILL BE BACK, to eat and collect more Charms!!

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