Saturday, April 07, 2012

McCafe's asiaroma of tea -series - Himalayan Tea

The new asiaroma teas were quite attractive especially the poster.
It is quite good that there are new teas on the menu for non coffee drinkers.

The two new drinks in this series are Himalayan Tea and Soy Green tea which is available hot or cold.
The Himalayan tea is Himalayan tea with fresh milk topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon and the Soy green tea is sweet green tea with soy milk with whipped cream and green tea powder on top.

Anyway wanted to try both, but tried the Himalayan tea first because I have never heard of it.

I was not sure what it was going to taste like, but any taste that is not Hong Kong style tea is good for me!
Himalayan tea - Cold
When I got the drink I was quite surprised with the colour, it was vivid peach.
The taste was nothing like tea or Hong Kong style milk tea and there was no tea taste.
However it was very milky.
It reminded me of the milkshakes at school which consists of plain milk with added syrups.
(If your a Brit or attended secondary school there your'll know what I mean, but the syrups at different schools may differ)
The cinnamon which was at the top could not be tasted.
Although there was no tea taste, I really liked it because it was exactly the same as the milkshakes at school.
The taste is hard to explain, but it tastes like milk with a faint bitter butterscotch taste.

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