Sunday, April 22, 2012

《公Lee》《Kung利》@ 月滿莊士敦道

Kung Lee could not have chosen a better spot in Hong Kong to sell their famous cane sugar drinks and Cane Sugar pudding!
Located right next to Southern Playground and the Southern Stadium, there is bound to be people needing to rehydrate themselves after strenuous sports!

Also smack in the heart of Wan Chai, round the corner from the MTR exit, near the trams, near the footbridge leading to the exhibition centre, and a must pass point for people heading towards Queen's Road East.

As well as that, it is also a passing point for people going to the Arts Centre and Performing arts academy!

Anyway it is really good to see it in Wan Chai, although the cane sugar drink costs $1 dollar more but I am saving a few dollars by not having to travel to Central and hiking up the hill!

Since I can always grab a drink, I got the Cane sugar pudding which is usually sold out, it costs $12 which is the same price as the Central branch.

The puddings are made on site and not transported from the Central branch as enquired by many people that day.
The shop floor is tiled with those old green tiles which is surprising that you can still source them nowadays!
Anyway the pudding tasted as good as the Central branch and the sweetness was just right.
It leaves a sweet aftertaste as well and the texture of the pudding was quite firm.
While many historic buildings are being preserved in Wan Chai it is fun to see another addition with some historic feel added to it.
At the moment the interior is quite plain and I wonder if they will bring more iconic items to the shop.
If this branch existed a few years ago it would be cool to see it included in the film 《月滿軒尼詩》(Crossing Hennessy)!

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