Sunday, April 29, 2012

Juicy J's delicious eggs benedict and hot dogs

Olopon dog @ Juicy J's (First visit):

After the last hot dog I was already craving for another, so went for another one and had the eggs benedict as well.

This time I tried the Piri Miso dog which has grated radish, miso sauce and seaweed.
I asked for the spring onions instead of the seaweed.
Piri Miso Hot dog - $28
The miso sauce was darker than the Ponzu sauce and the hot dog bun was crispier this time.
Again I really liked this hot dog and the hot dogs I have tried at Juicy J's because they are the best fusion hot dogs I have ever tried because of the sauce, bun, grated radish and spring onions.
MOS Burger and Freshness burger also have hot dogs but they do not taste as good as the ones here and it is just Japanese Mayo.
J's Eggs benedict $48
This was a set for $48 which was really reasonable in terms of price.
It was a muffin split into two each with a poached egg on top with Hollandaise sauce.
There was some fried potato wedges and some salad.
I was really surprised by it because the sauce was thick and the taste was how it should be, the quality is as good as The Flying Pan.
I felt the muffin was too crispy that day, but the eggs were poached just right with a runny centre.
I really loved the sauce and wish there was more Hollandaise sauce!
The potato wedges were really nice too and the oil was fresh so the wedges kept the potatoey taste and the flavoured coating on the wedges were extremely delicious.
The set came with tea which was also impressive because there was a choice of English breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Jasmine, green tea with lemon.
So it was such a perfect finish to my eggs and benedict with some real proper tea!
The tea was served in a proper way too, the tea bag was immersed in boiling hot water and milk and sugar were given as well.
Apart from that I felt their customer service was really attentative and they listen to EVERY customers needs.
I found something odd on my potato wedges and they were really apologetic and investigated into it, not like the Chinese customer service where it is not an issue.

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