Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Build your own burger @ Gourmet Burger Union

Similar to Toppings, except this place has even more choice.

From cheese to toppings and sauces, there are so many choices to choose, and for that extra gourmet factor, you can pay a small price to add that too.

Cheese wise, as not many places serve burgers with blue cheese, here they have three blue cheeses to choose from: Danish blue, Roquefort and Stilton, and if your a pizza lover, there is Italian Mozarella.

The toppings here are also quite different, you can choose baked beans which give it that breakfast tone to it. Personally I chose Portabello mushroom, as the common mushrooms in the far east are button mushrooms and shiitake, not the European stuff. Anyway the portobello mushroom tasted really good, much better than the one at Burger Joint which was sour as if it was drenched in vinegar.

As my burger was lamb I also opted for extra hummus for that meditarranean Kebab experience.

Then finally for my sauces, I picked the ones less served in other places which were Truffle cream and horseradish mayonnaise.

The burger was very neatly done, the toppings, ingredients, sauces were evenly laid out in the bun, makng it easy to eat with your hands.
The only thing that didnt work well, was that I picked too many sauces and toppings, so a bit hard to distinguish the tastes of the different elements. Tasted good overall.
But given so much choice its hard not to save that choice for the next visit.

The only topping that couldnt be ordered was the Calves liver, which is only served in The spotted pig signiature burger. So next time I will try that.

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