Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Worth coming all the way!! @ 神廚館

So bored, so decided to try this restaurant despite being located in an unconvenient place.

When I was arrived, I saw this little restaurant with its brightly colored banner.
The overall restaurant seemed pleasant and surprisingly neat and clean.

Without further ado, I ordered the signiature Squid patty and rice with fish soup.

Fish soup:
White in colour with lots of spring onions and one piece of tofu puff.
Strong taste of white pepper, not much fish could be tasted.
Anyway not bad.

Squid patty, fried egg and rice:
The best combination, the squid patty was chewy, yet there were still bits of ungrounded squid. Pieces of carrots embedded in the patty. The taste of squid is obviously there.
Was so delicous combining the patty, egg and rice together in one mouthful.
I also poured the soy sauce provided, but it acted as a moistener, because the soy sauce was obviously watered down. Finally the shredded seaweed was a good decoration and enhances the overall seafood taste to it.

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