Friday, April 13, 2012

Chocolate tarts and egg tarts @ Maxim's

Chocolate Tarts:
I think this was quite weird because it is called a chocolate tart but the inside is filled with chocolate cake.
Anyway, the whole thing was chocolate coloured, even the base of the tart was chocolate coloured.
It was very messy to eat because chocolate on the top melted.
The tart and the cake in the middle was too dry and the sweetness itself was too sweet that you could not taste the cake or the chocolate flavouring.
There were chocolate crunchy toppings on top which make it feel even drier with the dry cake.
Personally I would have preferred a cherry or no topping at all.
Egg Tarts:
The egg tarts were acceptable, but the crust let it down, it was made with lard that had a horrible smell.
It was so strong that the smell came back up from burping!

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