Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick French crepe romance in Sai Kung

Apart from the dine in creperies in Wan Chai, the last time I had a quick crepe was at this French Creperie located in a supermarket called VANGUARD in the back streets of Wan Chai on Jaffe Road.

The prices at that joint were really cheap around $2x-$30 but the crepes there were different to the ones served at La Creperies, Kramphouse and Fleur De Sel.

Crepes @ Vanguard

Anyway, discovered this small joint in Sai Kung serving French Crepes, the shop was really nicely decorated with pretty pastel LED lights.

I was expecting the crepes to cost more because Sai Kung is a tourist town, but they were really cheap $25 for savoury pancakes and around $15-$20 per sweet crepe!!

I have always loved Galettes so I ordered a savoury one, there was cheese + egg + Chinese red sausage pancake, but I opted for the Cheese + mixed vegetables which has mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes.
I requested it without the tomatoes because I didnt want the crepe to go soggy.
The joint has an open kitchen, so I was able to watch him make the crepe all the way through.
I saw him take out whole potato which I thought was raw because it was still in its skin, so I was a little hesistant whether the potatoes would be soft enough.

Anyway the pancakes were made and presented exactly like the ones at La Creperies, Kramphouse and Fleur De Sel with the edges folded in to make a square shape.
The potatoes were amazingly soft and a perfect match with cheese and mushrooms, however if they were not the canned mushrooms it would taste better, but the taste was good enough and I really loved it.
The amount of cheese was generous compared with the crepe joint at Vanguard. I think it was Mozarella cheese that was used in the crepe.
I asked the owner how he managed to make the potatoes soft enough and he said they were boiled before hand so this guy really knows his stuff! The crepe was cripsy on the outside the filling was soft inside, the crepe base was the familiar buckwheat mixture found the authentic creperies.

Chocolate mousse cup
Tried the chocolate mousse which was also made by the owner.
Mousse is also another item that originates from France.
The mousse is very different from the usual mousses because the ones I have tried are usually made with whipped cream and this one you can taste the whipped egg white and the smoothness of the egg white.
Although saying that, the appearance of the mousse bubbles are coarser because it is made of whipped eggs whites and not cream which does not affect the smoothness of the mousse.
The owner is really friendly and was a Chinese expat living in France for years.
I made the mistake of speaking English because he only speaks Chinese and French!!!!
It was good timing to discover this joint because of the coming Le French May - Le French GourMaymonth in May.
Le French GourMay
For the fourth year in a row, Le French GourMay will offer visitors of Hong Kong and Macau one month to discover the best of French wines and gastronomy. From 1 to 31 May, local Hong Kong and Macau restaurants, starred chefs and fine food designers, as well as wine importers and distributors will celebrate the month of “gourmands” and “gourmets” with dedicated menus, wine tastings, promotions and workshops.
It reminds me of the French Market held at the Eastbourne promenade where the French come over and have stalls selling French produces.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
CREPE FRANCAISE - 5 Fuk Man Road, Sai Kung, Tel 5622 6370

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